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What a person chooses to put on says a lot about what they want to
convey to the world. Clothes take on even more loaded meaning when you
are an international figure, like the First Lady. And they take on even
more meaning still when there aren’t many other statements being made.
It’s not just “a jacket,” as Grisham would like us all to believe. It’s
a crystal clear statement on this administration’s utter lack of
humanity and decency. It’s a reflection of who she and her husband truly

As you’d expect, the $137,000 price tag of this 24K gold dog jacket also
includes a bespoke tailoring service to ensure a ‘best in show’ fit.

  1. 虎纹



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According to the VeryFirstTo website, the super-lightweight garment is
enough to protect your pooch from bites or even knife wounds. Pure gold
is not the toughest material in the world, but this nano-fabric is
apparently 15 times tougher than steel and 8 times tougher than Kevlar.

A tsunami of rhinestones and sequins swept over the runways. The
utlimate tribute to the French Elvis, Johnny Hallyday?

I am choosing to focus on this.


  1. 皮衣


皇家88平台 1

  1. 超大号肩膀

The optics are almost inconceivable, that the First Lady would go visit
the immigrant children who have been forcibly separated from their
parents by her husband’s policies, wearing a garment that literally
spells out, I DONT CARE. But there it is. Nothing could be clearer.

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And then there’s this: Today, when Melania Trump made a rare official
trip to visit immigrant children at the Texas border, she boarded the
plane at Maryland’s Andrews Air Force Base wearing a military-inspired
jacket from Zara with the words “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” scrawled on
the back.

The world’s most expensive dog jacket is the result of a collaboration
between Doggy Armour and VeryFirstTo. The lavish canine garment is made
of “Golden Textile” 24K gold Nano coated fabrics, which apparently “has
the authentic values of gold itself and embraces 99.99% gold that is
nano-structured”. Clients also have the option to have the jacket
decorated with either 20 Swarovski crystals, or 20 black diamonds.

代表设计:Kenzo, Gucci, Haider Ackermann


“Thanks to Doggy Armour your precious pooch will both be well protected
and resplendent in glittering gold. You’ll never see a more golden
Labrador, dashing Dachshund, cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or pompous
Pomeranian,” VeryFirstTo founder Marcel Knobil said.

On knits the season, we spotted Road Runner and Wile E Coyote at Calvin
Klein by Raf Simons, as part of his highly Instagrammable new
collaboration with Looney Tunes. Over in London, where things are always
going to be a little more subversive, Jonathan Anderson used homo-erotic
tattoos by gay 1950s artist Dom Orejudos, referencing Tom of Finland’s
soldiers. And Rei Kawakubo presented a fashion manifesto when she opened
her show with Superman cartoon strips. It said: stay inoffensive, stay
open, for a gentler world.




Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, tried to dismiss it. “It’s a
jacket. There was no hidden message. After today’s important visit to
Texas, I hope this isn’t what the media is going to choose to focus on,”
Grishamtold ABC White House reporter Meredith McGraw.


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SSS World Cop, Prada, Wales Boner

But mostly, Melania stays silent. So we’re left to interpret meaning
from her facial expressions and her clothes .

How much do you really love your pet dog? Enough to buy it the world’s
first 24K gold jacket encrusted with Swarovski crystals and black
diamonds? It’s “only” $137,000 and it’s armored, meaning it will protect
your pooch from bites and even knife slashes.

Y/Project, Balenciaga, Vetements


But if the “wow” factor of this lavish doggy jacket isn’t enough, maybe
its protective features will convince you that this thing is worth the
asking price of $137,000.


She doesn’t say much. The office of the first lady is a big platform,
one that has been used over the years by various first ladies to
advocate for such worthy causes asearly childhood education
reform,improving healthcare, andsupporting veterans. In May,Melania
Trump formally announced that one of her causeswould beanti-bullying.
The irony of FLOTUS taking up this cause, when her husband essentially
ran on a campaign of bullying and continues to use the office to
bully,was lost on no one.

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Y/Project, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Maison Margiela



  1. 迷你小包


So if you wanted to get your pooch something special and luxurious for
its birthday, this jacket fits the bill.

代表设计:Y/Project, 巴黎世家, Vetements

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Sometimes we think fashion is something superficial but meaningful,
because appropriate outfits help in buidling a successful career.
Nevertheless, fashion can be more, it gives you a way to show your
attitude without saying anything. This is you, the only you!





Every wardrobe needs a sheepskin coat when the mercury drops, choose the
right one and it will last you a lifetime. The pick of the crop this
season was at Burberry, Berluti and Louis Vuitton.


Comme des Gar€€ons Homme Plus, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, JW Anderson


Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Dries Van Noten, Dsquared2

The recent hotlines everywhere can be a good example,Melania Trump Wears
a Coat That Says ‘I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?’ to Visit Immigrant Children
Who Have Been Separated From Their Parents.

Kenzo, Gucci, Haider Ackermann


Lanvin, Vetements, Louis Vuitton


代表设计:Dolce & Gabbana,亚历山大€€麦昆,Gucci


A symbol of hopes and dreams, the wide plains of the American West are a
seemingly inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers across the
fashion capitals. In New York, Raf Simons took the pulse of US culture
with talent for Calvin Klein 205W39NYC with the most desirable boots of
the past two seasons; in Milan Dsquared2 sent fantasy Apollo Cowboys
down the runway and in Paris, Dries Van Noten infused his collection
with qui accents of life on the ranch.

Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton

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  1. 高级工装
  1. 肉欲主义


Detractors might decry this one as cultural appropriation, but designers
see it as a tribute to the refinement of Japanese and Chinese cultures,
whose sakura blossom , Chinese folklore and traditional costume inspired
their collections.