7. Trail mix

1. Potato chips, crackers, corn puffs

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Unit 6 Eating Habits

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Useful Expressions

“Trail mix can be healthy, especially if you make your own with
healthier cereals, nuts, seeds, dried fruit,” Larson said.

**2. Granola, granola bars, and energy bars

Losing weight


  1. I’m trying to lose weight.

  2. I can’t fit in my pants anymore

  3. He’s lost 30 pounds.

  4. She’s overweight.

  5. She’s in good shape.

  6. You know that 20% of American adults are overweight?

  7. I’m so out of shape.

  8. How do you keep fit?

  9. I’m on a special diet.

  10. What’s the best weight-loss programme?

  11. You need a reduced amount of sugar in your diet.

  12. I tend to eat a lot while watching TV.

  13. I like to eat when I’m feeling depressed.

  14. Don’t eat out of boredom.

  15. Your diet is not healthy.

  16. You’re eating too much fatty food.

  17. Do you have low-fat yoghurt

  18. I’ve quit red meat.

6. Frozen fruit bars (made with whole fruit)

Organic foods


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  1. She’s a vegan.

  2. Are these vegetables grown organicly?

  3. Do you have an organic food section?

  4. Is there an organic food store nearby?

  5. It’s difficult to get organic food products.

  6. These foods contain a lot of protein.

  7. Milk in high in calcium and good for your body.

  8. Tofu is a major source of protein for vegetarians.

  9. We eat too much refined food.

  10. The raw living foods life style has become a trend.

  11. An organic food diet has proved to be efficient for cancer patients.

  12. Try to avoid eating as much as you can.

  13. There are a lot of advantages of eating organic food.

According to Larson, “These types of refreshing snacks with no added
sugars are a better choice for the summer than ice cream.”

**3. Pastries and bakery items



  1. I’m on a diet.

5. Fruit-flavored yogurt parfaits

A: Chee, I’m so hungry.


B: It’s only 10 o’clock. Did you have breakfast this morning?

“These are not the healthiest yogurt choice because of the sugary fruit
and granolas or ‘crunch’ they often add to these portable store-bought
yogurt parfaits,” Larson said. “Not the worst choice, but not the best
either because of the added sugar content.”

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A: No, I’m on a diet. My goal is to lose 15 pounds. I only had a meal
replacement drink before I left for work.


B: I don’t really think skipping meals is the way to go if you want to
lose weight. Also diet powder can’t replace a real meal. A shake can
provide enough fiber and anti-oxide that found in fruit and vegetables.
A: So you are saying that I should still have solid food for every meal?
How may I lose weight if I don’t eat less?