Step 2: After wetting hands with water, turn off the tap and apply soap.

Then we wet our little hands. 第二步,我们把手弄湿。

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Step 4: Scrub hands for at least 20 seconds. (Sing the alphabet song
once or “Happy Birthday” twice.)

So how do we wash our hands?

Buy water soluble
lace, please choose
water soluble lace
factory, welcome to
the water soluble lace
factory observation
guide cooperation!

“Numerous” study participants also didn’t dry their hands with a clean

First, we turn on the faucet. 首先,打开水龙头。

Cotton embroidered water soluble
lace is made of 100%
polyester or half of the polyester add half of the cotton, try not to be
placed in the washing machine cleaning, if it is at home cleaning cotton
embroidery water soluble
lace clothing, we
must put cotton embroidered water soluble
lace in the laundry
bag neutral detergent.

Step 6: Dry hands with a clean towel or air dry them.

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But the more advanced lace products, or a larger area of cotton
embroidery water soluble
lace dress, etc., it
is recommended to the best wash to the laundry or be sure to hand wash,
after washing to low-temperature hot iron will lace ironing, cotton
embroidery water soluble
lace ductility will
be good, can keep the water soluble
lace pattern does
not distort the deformation.



water soluble lace


Look, now our hands are all clean.

  1. Cleaning cotton embroidery water soluble
    lace when the use of
    mild texture of the soap or special cleaning delicate textile cleaning
    agent, can’t use concentrated detergent, bleach and other fabric damage
    to the larger cleaning agent, these cleaning agents will greatly affect
    the color of the stability, ruined a good product.

  2. Before cleaning, the first towel spread in the pool, wash and then
    towel will be picked up, this can prevent the lace accidentally pull

  3. The wet cotton embroidery water soluble
    lace wrapped in a
    towel to suck away the water, then they tiled on the table to be dry

Poor hand-washing practices led to cross-contamination, the study found.
About half the time, participants spread bacteria to spice containers
while preparing burgers, and 11% of the time, they spread bacteria to
refrigerator handles.

Now we rinse our hands and wash those bubbles and germs away.

Cotton embroidery water soluble
lace cleaning


Remember, roll up your sleeves before washing your hands!


Lastly, we dry our hands with a towel. 最后我们把小手擦干。

The study involved 383 people in six test kitchen facilities in the
metro Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina and in rural Smithfield,
North Carolina, the USDA said.

Next we use soap. Now let’s rub these little hands and scrub them until
we see lots of bubbles. The soap is so slippery, so are your hands.