By far the deepest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior has been the
location of a number of disappearances over the centuries. In fact, more
than 200 ships have sunk beneath the cold surface of Lake Superior, many
of which have never been recovered or found.

Today I watch a film made by BBC named<>**.**In this film, I
follow the evidence of the Bermuda to think about this mysterious
region. The giant sea monster, time warp, strange magnetic field and
several like these are always in people’s mind. But it is true? I really
want to know.

memory limit per test

4. The Nevada Triangle 北达科他三角

I watch scientists doing the experiments. It shows at the bottom of the
sea there is a kind of gas called methane. When ships go upon it, it has
a chance to formbubbles and then explodes on the surface of the water,
which can sink ships invisibly. And the missing of the plane was due to
psychological factors and the ionosphere disturbance. It’s pretty

The second line contains a string of length n,
consisting of zeros and ones. If the i-th
character is one, Galya has already made a shot to this cell. Otherwise,
she hasn’t. It is guaranteed that there are exactly k ones in this string.

率先要介绍的是这几个地下区域里的皇帝——百慕大三角。从南南卡罗来纳至波多黎各至百慕大的这片海域爆发了累累隐衷失踪事件,举例在壹玖壹玖年,一艘载有309人的United States补给舰“独眼一代天骄号”在此间神秘消失。非常多飞行器和船舶都在这里未有,再也没出现过。

Of course, through the film, I know more about the nature, but most
importantly I realize that the science is more important than guess.
Without science we cannot go deep into the essence of things and still
live in a superstitious life.


11. Lake Anjikuni 安吉库尼湖

According to the film, on 1945.12.5, a significant missing event had a
strong, powerful impact on the humans, which continuously has confused
people by now. On that day a fleet including five planes flew to perform
a task and Charlie was appointed as the navigator because of his
experience. Everybody thought that it was a usual task which was a piece
of cake. However on their way to the Bahamas, the unexpectedthing
occurred—–they lost the direction. Hard as they try, in the end, they
disappeared and after a long time no one found them again. Some people
hold a point that there are an unconscious strength existing in the
Bermuda, but they didn’t show convincing and adequate evidence.



Nevertheless, we must use scientific evidence to support our views.

  1 #include <cstdio>
  2 #include <ctime>
  3 #include <cstdlib>
  4 #include <iostream>
  5 #include <cstring>
  6 #include <cmath>
  7 #include <queue>
  8 #include <algorithm>
  9 #define N 200005
 10 #define inf 1e18+5
 11 typedef long long ll;
 12 #define rep(i,n) for(i=0;i<n;i++)
 13 using namespace std;
 14 int i,j,k,m,n,t,cc,a,b,ans;
 15 int s[N],h[N];
 16 struct z{
 17     int l;
 18     int r;
 19     int len;
 20     int num;
 21 }z[N];
 22 int  main()
 23 {
 24     while(scanf("%d%d%d%d",&n,&a,&b,&k)!=EOF){
 25         ans=0;
 26         k=n-k;
 27         j=0;
 28         m=0;
 29         cc=0;
 30         s[0]=-1;
 31         getchar();
 32         for(i=1;i<=n;i++){
 33             scanf("%c",&s[i]);
 34             if(s[i]=='0'&&s[i-1]!='0'){
 35                 z[j].l=i;
 36             }
 37             if(s[i]=='1'&&s[i-1]=='0'){
 38                 z[j].r=i-1;
 39                 z[j].len=z[j].r-z[j].l+1;
 40                 z[j].num=z[j].len/b;
 41                 cc+=z[j].len/b;
 42                 j++;
 43             }
 44             if(i==n&&s[i]=='0'){
 45                 z[j].r=i;
 46                 z[j].len=z[j].r-z[j].l+1;
 47                 z[j].num=z[j].len/b;
 48                 cc+=z[j].len/b;
 49                 j++;
 50             }
 51         }
 52     /*    if(b==1){
 53             if(k==cc){
 54                 for(i=0;i<j;i++){
 55                     for(int i1=z[i].l;i1<=z[i].r;i1++){
 56                         h[m]=i1;
 57                         m++;
 58                     }
 59                 }
 60                 ans=m;
 61             }
 62             else{
 63                 ans=k-a+1;
 64                 for(i=0;i<j;i++){
 65                     for(int i1=z[i].l;i1<=z[i].r;i1++){
 66                         h[m]=i1;
 67                         m++;
 68                         if(m==ans) break;
 69                     }
 70                     if(m==ans) break;
 71                 }
 72             }
 73         }
 74         else */ {
 75             /*if(a==cc){
 76                 for(i=0;i<j;i++){
 77                     if(z[i].num){
 78                         for(int i1=z[i].l+b-1;i1<=z[i].r+b-1;i1+=b){
 79                             h[m]=i1;
 80                             m++;            
 81                         }    
 82                     }
 83                 }
 84                 ans=m;
 85             }
 86             else */{
 87                 ans=cc-a+1;
 88                 for(i=0;i<j;i++){
 89                     if(z[i].num){
 90                         for(int i1=z[i].l+b-1;i1<=z[i].r;i1+=b){
 91                             h[m]=i1;
 92                             m++;    
 93                             if(m==ans) break;        
 94                         }    
 95                     }
 96                     if(m==ans) break;    
 97                 }
 98             }
 99         }
100     //    for(i=0;i<j;i++) printf("%d %d \n",z[i].l,z[i].r);
102         printf("%d\n",ans);
103         for(i=0;i<m;i++){
104             if(i!=m-1) printf("%d ",h[i]);
105             else printf("%d\n",h[i]);
106         }
107     }
110     return 0;
111 }

第叁遍世界战斗中发出了繁多见都没见过之事,个中有一件发生在土耳其共和国(The Republic of Turkey)的苏弗拉湾,一整个营的英帝国士兵神秘消失。依据报告,有一片离奇的云覆盖了山腰,一整营的英帝国立小学将步入了那片云覆盖的区域,之后再也没出现过。战后,大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国政坛供给土耳其共和国(The Republic of Turkey)政党偿还土耳其共和国拘押的大不列颠及苏格兰联合王国战俘,然则土耳其共和国(The Republic of Turkey)政坛表示这么些营的精兵并未有出现在俘虏的名册内。

standard input


256 megabytes


1 second

Yet another triangle, though this one is landlocked. The Bennington
Triangle, located in southwestern Vermont, marks the last known location
of five people who went missing between 1945 and 1950. The most bizarre
of the five was the vanishing of a man who was riding a moving bus, who
disappeared without anyone noticing. The people who vanished ranged in
age from an 8 year-old boy to a 74 year-old woman.

In the second line print the cells Galya should shoot at.

Stretching back in time to the beginning of European colonization of the
New World, Roanoke is one of the earliest recorded mysterious
disappearances. The colony was founded by English colonists in 1585. The
governor of the colony sailed back to England to get more supplies, but
upon concluding their return travel three years later, the colony was
abandoned. Only the word ‘CROATOAN’, the name of a tribe of local native
Americans, etched into a tree gave any indication as to what might have
happened to the colony.



If there are multiple answers, you can print any of them.

5. Roanoke Colony 罗阿诺克岛殖民地


2. The Michigan Triangle 耶路撒冷希伯来三角

The first line contains four positive integers nabk (1 ≤ n ≤ 2·105, 1 ≤ a, b ≤ n, 0 ≤ k ≤ n - 1) — the length of the grid, the number
of ships on the grid, the length of each ship and the number of shots
Galya has already

13. The Devil Sea 妖怪海域