Hello, I‘m Feifei and this is The English We Speak.

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Hello, and welcome to The English We Speak with me, Neil and errr…
where’s Feifei?

1.Whatever your approach, the goal should be clarity and focus. What do
you want to be about today? What few things matter most during the next
24 hours?

And hello, this is Rob. And it’s an important day in the office today,
isn’t it Feifei?


2.And amazing things will happen if we can instill this ability of
renewing ourselves without waiting for a full year. Every month? Every
week? There is no limit. The successful people, I believe see every
day, as a new beginning, leaving the failure of yesterday behind and
focusing on the day ahead


…sorry I’m late. Hello!

3.The solution at each stage is then backwards.

Err, is it?


To move beyond Stage One, you must accept that you will never be enough
for everybody all the time, and therefore you must make decisions for


Goodness, it’s not like you to be late. You’re always so punctual and…
smartly dressed. But today you look a mess – if you don’t mind me

To move beyond Stage Two, you must accept that you will never be capable
of accomplishing everything you can dream and desire, and therefore you
must zero in on what matters most and commit to it.

Yes, it is! Remember that big project we’ve all been working on?


To move beyond Stage Three, you must realize that time and energy are
limited, and therefore you must refocus your attention to helping others
take over the meaningful projects you began.


I do mind you saying, Neil. It’s been a very stressful morning. I didn’t
have time to shower, iron my clothes or even have breakfast.

Stage Three is all about maximizing your own potential in this life.
It’s all about building your legacy. What will you leave behind when
you’re gone? What will people remember you by? Whether that’s a
breakthrough study or an amazing new product or an adoring family, Stage
Three is about leaving the world a little bit different than the way you
found it.
To move beyond Stage Four, you must realize that change is inevitable,
and that the influence of one person, no matter how great, no matter how
powerful, no matter how meaningful, will eventually dissipate too.

Errr. A big project?


4.What Gets Us Stuck The same thing gets us stuck at every stage: a
sense of personal inadequacy.


Hmm, did you get up late by any chance?

5.At some point we all must admit the inevitable: life is short, not all
of our dreams can come true, so we should carefully pick and choose what
we have the best shot at and commit to it.

Yes, well it’s crunch time.


6.Your limitations are important because you must eventually come to the
realization that your time on this planet is limited and you should
therefore spend it on things that matter most. That means realizing that
just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it. That
means realizing that just because you like certain people doesn’t mean
you should be with them. That means realizing that there are opportunity
costs to everything and that you can’t have it all.

行吗,未来可是“crunch time”。

Yes, you’re right. I forgot to set my alarm last night. So I overslept!

7.Time is absolutely marvelous. We get to anticipate the experiences we
want to have — which is often more enjoyable than the experiences
themselves. We get to have the experiences we long for. And then we get
to remember and carry those experiences with us forever. The past,
present, and future are uniquely important and enjoyable.

Oh great – I’m starving. I’ll get my crisps.


8.Things Don’t Have To Take As Long As Other People Say They Do


Has this got anything to do with you going out last night?I suppose
you’re going to tell me you had such a great time, you stayed out later
than expected?

9.Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. What we do today will either enhance or
diminish our future-present moments. But most people put things off
until tomorrow.

No, I didn’t say ’lunch time’.


10.Yesterday Is More Important Than Today “The best time to plant a tree
was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” — Chinese Proverb


Yes, how did you guess? I had one of the best nights out for a long time
– but I’m regretting it now!

11.Retirement Should Never Be The Goal