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Welcome to GQ’s annual round-up of 10 most stylish men。 From
traditional tailoring to the coolest clothes, we have cast an eye over
the wardrobes of the sartorial superheroes and here’s who looks

‘Some professionals in a range of jobs like to wear a suit and tie as it
makes them feel more professional,’ says Professor Mair.

Thierry: I know it’s
casual Friday, but some people just don’t know how to dress
for work.



Casual: if something is casual, itis not formal, it is more relaxed,
we could also sayinformal.Now in mostoffices, in most businesses,
everyone has to wear good clothing every day ofthe week, how every some
of offices have what its call casual Friday meaningthat you don’t have
to wear for example a tie or a suitcoat, you can dress morecasually. You
don’t have to dress as we will say professionally or formally as youdo
every other day of the week. Not all offices do that, but some offices
do havethis casual Friday policy.

10。 Jack O‘Connell

‘Although there aren’t many studies on this, wearing a suit has been
found to make the wearer appear more professional and competent.

Thierryis complaining however that even though it is causal Friday,
there aresomethings that you shouldn’t wear to work.



Hesays some people don’t know how to dress appropriately.To dress as
a verb means to put cloth on yourbody. The word dress is also a noun
that refers to what a woman would wear, adress is usually one piece of
clothing that covers both the top and part of thebottom of the woman’s
body. But as a word to dress means simply to put clothingon. And to
dress appropriately means to dress the way you should dress forcertain
situation. If you are going to a wedding, dressing appropriatelyusually
means wearing formal clothing not your bikini or your
beddingsuit.Although here Los Angeles maybeok, I am not sure.

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‘The power of belief is strong so if the wearer believes that the suit
will make them appear more competent and professional, they may well
behave in that way.’

Olga: I was thinking the samething, look at Sandy, what she is wearing
is far too reviewing revealing.



Olgasays “I was thinking the same thing”, meaning I agree with you that
some peopledon’t know how to dress appropriately for work.

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But what about lower-ranking employees? ‘This would be seen as
inappropriate in creative jobs, but necessary in others,’ says Professor

To describe clothes as a revealing, means to saythat they show too
much of your skin but adjective is specially use forclothing the woman
might wear that showing too much her bare skin. Although itcould be
applied to man’s clothing as well.

Jack embodies Belstaff’s adventurous and pioneering spirit with his
fearless attitude, and he’s staying true to his British roots。


Thierry:I was actually thinking about Jimmy, he is wearing cut off sand
free flip-flops?Where is his professionalism?


‘In jobs where workers can choose what they wear, and managers dress
casually, a subordinate wearing a suit and tie could be perceived as
trying to look more senior than their role.

Cutoffs:a shorts that are may bycutting off by ladies pants
especially jeans.The key to cutoff is that when you cut off the bottom
of the pants leg, you don’t sold out the bottom of the or shortswhat are
not shorts to make them to look nice. So cutoffs are very informal,they
don’t look very dress we might say.They don’t look very formal.Of
course,they are shorts, and so by definition,usually shorts are not
formal wear.

9。 Jared Leto


Flip-flops: are basically a very simplekind of sandals which is
something that you wear on your feet, it is a type ofshoe that you wear
on your feet that doesn’t have tie on it.That what a sandal
is.Flip-flops are a type of sandal that youwould wear to say


‘There is also a risk that management might perceive them as not
understanding the culture of the organisation or their role.’

That’swhy Thierry are asking about Jimmy’s professionalism. That is
his ability to behavior appropriately in a business or

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Olga: Don’t they know how they’redressed can affect theircareers?Some
people can’t see past for poor fashionchoices.



Olga continues complaining, she says don’t they know howthey’redressed
can affect their careers.She is saying(?)thatthe people who dressing
this way don’t realize that the way you dressed can affect how
well(?)you do at work and what kind of the job you get.

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Olgasays some peoplecan’t see past poor fashionchoices. The
expression to not beable to see past something means that someone is
unable not to notice somethingeven though you are perhaps try not to
notice. For example, if someone comes toyou and ask for a job and that
person doesn’t look like he dressed very well tomeet you or perhaps he
didn’t comb his hair or she is face you even though youthink he is might
be a good person, might not be able to see past the way theperson looks.
Another word you can’t ignore it, even though you want to, eventhough
you may think it is not important the way the person dresses.Until(?)how
he may be able to do a certainjob.

It’s Jared Leto that shows us that small details can be radical too。
Would we, as Leto did, wear a red carnation as a bow-tie? Maybe not。
But it makes us think differently。 And that’s what this friend is for。


Olgais saying that some people won’t be able to look past the way of
this peopledressed when determining whether they are going to give them



Fashionrefers to the way that clothing is designed, the way of looks.

8。 Benedict Cumberbatch

Some 53 percent of UK office workers say they no longer have a formal
uniform, opting instead for jeans, t-shirts and running shoes.

Thierry: Yeah, so many people areclosed-minded.And think what people
wearreflexreflectstheir ability.



Thierryis also complaining about the closed-minded people. To be
closed-minded meansthat you only see your own opinion, or only consider
your own ideas, and notable to consider other people’s ideas.The
opposite of closed-minded might be opened-minded. Thierry isdescribing
closed-minded people as those who think that what people wearreflects
their ability.

(Last year no。 9)

But according to Professor Mair, going casual can be a risk business for
senior managers as it ‘flattens out any organisational hierarchy’.

To reflect here means to be related to or to be indicated of
something. If I say the way youdressed reflects your ability, I am
saying that the way that you look is anindication of how well you will
do a certain job. Now of course, we may knowthat that’s not turn unless
the job is to be model I guess. But neverthelesspeople often think that.



Olga: I’ve known a lot of peoplelike that. Me? I always err on the
side of caution

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She said: ‘It depends very much on the type of business. In the creative
industries this style of clothing is typical to enhance creativity
without the restriction of formal clothing.

Err on the side of caution:Means to be very careful, to not taking
any risks. I should mention that word“err” is not often pronounced,
someone mistakenly but no more commonly as air,as the word we spell
“air”, in fact it is so common that it is probablyconsider by most
people acceptable pronunciation in American English. InBritish English,
however, it is always pronounced err.What is err mean? It means to make
anerr.It means to make a mistake. You cansee why people pronounce the
word err instead of err, because we also have theword err,

The British have their own sense of style which at best is all about an
easy, gentlemanly elegance。 They never look as if they are trying too
hard。 And some simply have the appearance of having been born to wear a
tailored suit。 Benedict Cumberbatch is one of those。


Whichis pronounce with that err some instead of err some, but anyway,
back to ourstory.


‘If a manager in finance or insurance wore a t-shirt, jeans and running
shoes, they would be considered inappropriately dressed, even maverick.

Thierry: Is that why you neverdress down?

7。 James Corden


He is asking Olga the reason why she never dresses casually, to dress
down is a twowords’ phrase of word meaning to dress casually.


‘Leaders in these industries are expected to lead by example and their
staff are expected to follow rules. Dress down Fridays are an exception,
but even on Fridays, most city workers wouldn’t wear a t-shirt, jeans,
and running shoes.’

Olga: That’s right. And I’ve noticed you don’t either.

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Olga and Thierry are saying to each other that because other people
areclosed-minded and might think that the way one dresses reflects one’s
ability.They themselves never dress casually at work even on casual


Conversely, opting for casual workwear as a lower-ranking employee can
be a major ‘no-no’ in some industries – especially for city workers.

Thierry: No, just because we suspend the dress code coat one day
a week, doesn’t mean we haveto dress inappropriately.

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Adress code refer s to a ruler about how you are supposed to dress.

In 2016 Corden has truly hit his style stride。 GQ says: “James Gorden
is the most successful British export to the US since The Beatles。”