Myth: You can suck the venom out of a snakebite.

live show: BIG BLUE

‘So, this is going to be a seaside holiday, is it?’ Uncle Max asked. He
is Mum’s brother, the one who didn’t get married, and he often comes to
have dinner with us.


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‘That’s right, Max,’ said Dad. ‘A bit of swimming, a bit of relaxing, a
bit of fishing…’

Fact: If a bite delivers venom, it’ll immediately enter the bloodstream.
Putting your mouth on the bite will deliver extra bacteria to the wound
and may simply get venom into your mouth and esophagus. If someone gets
bitten, try to keep the person’s heart rate low and hold the affected
limb below heart level while getting to a hospital.

Monterey bay aquarim 2013.07.03

‘Fishing, eh?’ Uncle Max interrupted. ‘Did I ever tell you about the
time I caught an 800-kilogram shark with my teeth?’



‘No,’ Dad sighed, rolling his eyes. ‘But I’m sure you will.’ Uncle Max
was famous for his stories.

Myth: Always play dead when you are attacked by a bear.

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‘Well,’ said Uncle Max,pushing his plate to one side. ‘It was like this.
I was out fishing in my little dinghy one day when a monster shark swam
by. Seeing there were swimmers in the water not far away, I frabbed the
anchor, baited it with a fish I had caught, and threw it over the side.
I wrapped the anchor chain twice around the my waist and waited.


The bay is the best exhibit!

‘Sure enough, that shark took the bait. As soon as he felt the anchor,
he took off, pulling me and my little boat after him. For two days and
two nights he dragged me around the ocean. A storm blew up, but with my
incredible balance I was able to stay standing.

Fact: If you are out in the woods and you see a bear, the general advice
is to quietly back away. If it’s in your yard or around your campsite,
make yourself large and loud, which hopefully will scare it off.

Extraordinary wild event happening, it only last for a couple of weeks,
it’s going to be the biggest gathering of marine mammals in the world.
Animals are gathering here from all over the Pacific for a huge feast.

‘At last, on the third day, the storm finished and I felt the shark
growing tired. I unwrapped the chain and began to reel him in. Just as I
got the shark near the boat, the chain snapped and he started to swim


Animals gathering: humpback from south and east america,  Mexico;  white
sharks from south pacific ocean; elephant seals from north,  Alaska.

‘Quickly I dived overboard and swam after him. He saw me and turned to
attack. Calmly, I waited until he was close and then punched him on the
nose, knowing him out cold. I grabbed his tail between my teeth and
began to tow him to shore, about 12 kilometres away.’

But in the case of an actual attack, your reaction strategy should
depend on the bear and on the type of attack. Never play dead if a black
bear attacks — always fight back.

Tools :Camera above and below the surface, helicopter, birds eye view, 
research vessels (harma), spot animals, underwater robot,  image sonar

‘On the beach, I threw him over my shoulder and jogged to the nearest
marine park. As far as I know, that shark is still there—and you can
still see my teeth marks in his tail.’


Monterey bay 蒙特雷湾

‘Wow!’ I said. ‘Uncle Max, you must be a real, live hero.’

In most cases, a brown or grizzly bear attacks to defend itself or its
cubs. At these times it will warn you off by making noise and pretending
to charge. Back away from a defensive attack slowly. If the bear makes
contact, play dead lying on your stomach with your hands over your neck.
But in the rare case of a predatory attack, which comes with no warning
(or if the bear seems to be stalking you), fight for your life.

From north to south, it is 21 miles long,  same range as English
Channel, but 20 times deaper. Full of nutrient. 60 years ago,  it was a
dead bay,  animals were extinct.

‘That is a wonderful story, Max,’ said Mum. She had just come into the
room with the coffee pot. ‘But you left two things out of it.’


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‘Oh?’ said Uncle Max, puzzled. ‘And what are they?’

Myth: You need to find a food supply immediately if you are lost in
the wilderness.

south of san francisco

‘Well, Max,’ Mum smiled, ‘you’re the only person I know who get seasick
in a bath—and you can’t swim!’


Southern sea otter 海濑(Beaver 海狸)

Fact: Not even close. You can survive up to six weeks without food. The
exact amount of time might vary, depending on starting point and other
health issues, but water and shelter from the elements are far more

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sea otthers wrapped in kelp

Myth: The fluid in a cactus can save you from dying of thirst.

Sea otters are the smallest marine mammals on earth. They have well
rounded teeth adapted for crushing shells of crabs, urchins, and other
invertebrates. They use rocks as tools to dislodge prey(逐出猎食者) and
break open their food and tend to stay in open waters gathering and
“rafting” together in groups.


Size: Weight: 29kg Length: 1.5m

Fact: If you’re experienced enough to pick out the one kind of barrel
cactus that you can filter water from safely, this may work. But most of
the time, cactus fluid will make you sick, causing you to vomit up
precious liquid and leaving you more dehydrated.

Lifespan: 23 years, 50% survival from baby


Diet: They eat bottom dwelling invertebrates[ɪn’vɝtɪbret]( 无脊椎动物)
such as crabs, clams (海蚌), urchins(海胆), squid(鱿鱼) and

Myth: Moss grows on the north side of a tree.

Distribution: Over 80% of southern sea otters live within the Monterey
Bay National Marine Sanctuary.


Journey to Monterey Bay: Year round residents

Fact: Moss can grow on all sides of a tree, depending on environmental
conditions. Don’t depend on this bit of folklore for navigation.

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mom and the baby

Myth: If an animal eats something, it’s safe for you to eat it.

You may not know…


They have the densest fur in the animal kingdom – a million hairs per
square inch.

Fact: Birds and squirrels can eat certain berries and mushrooms that
would kill a person.

They wrap themselves in kelp(大海草,海草灰, not sea wead) while
sleeping to stop themselves drifting away in rough seas and conserve
energy, not usually on shore


Maternal behaviour : They wash face and furs, feed 12 times a day to
child, eat for nearly half a day, 1/4 its body. Puppy will stay with mom
for 6 months.

Myth: Rub someone’s skin or put them in a hot tub to warm them up if
they’re freezing.

Bixby estuary 比克斯比河口


This location is incredibly significant in the history of southern sea
otters. It is the place where the last remaning southern sea otters were
discovered in 1938.

Fact: Rubbing frostbitten skin can damage it even more, and hot water
can be shocking or damaging for someone dealing with frostbite and
hypothermia. You need to warm someone back up slowly, preferably with
blankets and some warm water bottles under their armpits.

Before then, southern sea otters had been hunted for their soft thick
pelts and were thought to be extinct. From those few survivors found in
Bixby estuary, the otter has increased its population to the numbers we
see in Monterey Bay today.


Humpback whale 座头鲸

Myth: If a shark attacks you, punch it in the nose.

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humpback whale mommy and baby

Fact: It’s really hard to land a solid punch on the nose of a moving
shark. In the rare cases in which a shark comes in for a bite, try to
put a solid object between you and animal. If that fails, claw at its
eyes and gills.

Humpback whales are a favourite for whale watchers(鲸鱼观赏者), as they
frequently perform aerial displays, such as breaching or slapping the
surface with their pectoral fins, tails, or heads. They travel great
distances during their seasonal migration, the farthest of any mammal.
The longest recorded migration was 5,160 miles (8,300 km).


Size: Weight: 36,000kg Length: 18m

Myth: Always swim parallel to shore if you are caught in a rip

Lifespan: 50 years