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Advertising is crucial for the launch (introduction) of a brand new
product, service or idea in the market.


Of all the places to advertise on a living human being, the armpits are
probably at the bottom of the list for most people, but one Japanese
company believes they are prime real-estate and is currently recruiting
young female models willing to walk around with ads on their armpits.

If the advertisement of any concerned product, service or idea is done
correctly at a right place, through proper media, and within a
particular time constraint, it can attract many new customers.

Unit of Inquiry Task   By Benjamin


It helps to capture the market and increase sales.

​Ads are small info bits that companies use to persuade and convince you
to buy a product/service or download an app. Ads use many methods to
hook you in and pull out your wallet at their store. The typical ad is
about 30 seconds, although there are 4 minute ads too.

Living, breathing advertising billboards are not exactly a novel
concept. Brandon Chicotsky has been leasing his bald head as ad space
for companies willing to pay him hundreds of dollars per day for years,
and he’s just one example. There’s also the case of Hostgator M. Dotcom,
who once tattooed company logos on his face for profit, or that of Jason
George, a self-described “human billboard” who tattooed hundreds of
company logos that had affected his life in some way, all over his body.
But while most of these people offered up the most visible parts of
their bodies, like the head or face, but the Wakino Ad Company is
betting it all on the armpits.

It is also essential for announcing an upcoming event. It acts as an
open invitation that maximizes the chances of event attendance. However,
if people are unaware of any such happening, they may not show up. As a
result, the event may not get an expected response. Hence, it also
contributes to the success of an event.

​On YouTube there are many different ads that can be classified into
effective and ineffective ads. One reason ads are effective is they are
short and memorable. It is easily recalled by the human brain and urges
them to take action!


crucial for … 对…很重要
advertising is crucial for the launch of a brand new product
within a particular time constraint 在特定的年华内
capture the market 抓住市镇
it helps to capture the market 能够帮忙抓住市镇
it acts as 扮演…角色
it acts as an open invitation that maximizes the chances of event
contribute to … 有助于

Ads provide information succinctly and as swiftly as possible. This
doesn’t mean companies cram lots of information by speaking fast, this
means they change multiple concepts into one sentence. They usually end
with an innovative logo and a catchy slogan; as this is their last
chance to hook you in they will try their best.

If you’re an executive who’s had enough of traditional advertising,
maybe you’d like to give armpit ads a try. For a fee as low as 10,000
yen ($89.99) per hour, Wakino will plaster your custom ad on the armpits
of a young model who will do her best to make it as visible as possible.
It’s unclear how that will work though, as apart from holding on to the
handrail on public transportation or stretching your arms up from time
to time, there aren’t too many ways of making your armpits visible.

​Ineffective ads are long. They are giving us the unnecessary
information in long sentences instead of the essential and fundamental
information in short and sweet sentences. They have no intention to
getting their audience to do anything but watch. At the end there is a
sloppy logo and an unmemorable slogan.


​These ads are made to persuade you & me. When I get persuade it is
usually because I am interested in the product or I need it badly in my
humble home. Another possibility is the price is attractive. They might
even use anchoring, an advertisement skill, to convince you. When ads
don’t persuade me, it is either because it is long, or because I’m just
not interested in it. Some advertisements need you to think about it for
a while before agreeing to buy a product/service.

The Wakino Ad Company has just started operations, so it’s tough to know
how successful it’s going to be, but it has released several concept
stills to help potential customers better visualize the possibilities.
They’ve even landed their first client, a beauty treatment and
dermatology chain that is using armpit ads to promote its painless
underarm hair removal procedure.

Advertising sparks an interest of advertised products and services in
the masses. Interest creates demand in the market. The growing demand
soon results in higher sales. Eventually, the advertiser fulfills his
main goal of investing in an advertisement. However, to continue with
such a growth in sales, the advertiser or merchant must also maintain a
good price-quality ratio along with regularly running his ad campaigns.

​I personally like the league of legends advertisement because the ad
has cartoony characters, which are naturally appealing to kids, and
because the speaker is energetic and excited. Many people play League of
Legends, which will sometimes decide to download it because of wanting
to fit in. It is human nature to fit in and successful advertisers use
that to persuade us. I’m especially interested in the www.wix.com
advertisements as the relaxed and prepared voice loosens my brain and
makes me think properly while watching it. It uses peer pressure because
everyone wants a website and www.wix.com is allowing you to make one.
These days practically every company, every slightly successful adult,
even some kids, have their very own website.


spark 激起
Ad sparks an interest of … 广告激发…的志趣
in the masses 在公众中
fulfills his main goal 达成他的基本点对象
price-quality ratio 性价比

​This is my basic opinion on ads and what makes it effective or
ineffective and what persuaded me and what did not. You can see
advertisements everyday on the internet; especially in www.youtube.com
or www.youku.com .