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According to a 2017 VisitBritain report, more than 260,000 Chinese
tourists visit the UK each year. And where do they go? It claimed that
“they are mostly interested in symbolic elements: the Royal Family,
Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and Downton Abbey”. So expect
crowds at Windsor Castle, Stratford-upon-Avon, Baker Street, The
Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Highclere Castle.

At the Backs of King’s College there is a memorial stone in white marble
commemorating an alumnus of the College, renowned Chinese poet Xu Zhimo.
Moving to the UK in 1921, Zhimo spent a year studying at King’s, where
he fell in love not only with the romantic poetry of English poets like
John Keats, but also with Cambridge itself.

In an alleyway in London’s Camden Market, a woman in ripped black jeans
andfingerless gloves fiddles with an iPad screen. Like most shopkeepers
in thisarea, Emma Peonia usually sells clothes to tattooed youngsters
paying withdebit cards or cash but, for the first time, she is using a
Chinese paymentsapp to sell an Iron Maiden T-shirt.




Then there’s the shopping. Spending figures for Chinese tourists are
truly staggering. According to the UNWTO, Chinese tourists overseas
spent $261.1 billion in 2016, up from around $10 billion in the year

His poem, 再别康桥 (variously translated as Second Farewell to
Cambridge), is arguably his most famous poem, and is now a compulsory
text on Chinese literature syllabuses, learnt by millions of school
children across the country every year. The poem paints an idyllic
portrait of King’s and the River Cam, and serves as a reminder of Xu
Zhimo’s fondness for his time in Cambridge.?

“My boss thought it would be useful—she has justcreated a new
website,”she says.“She wants to sell more to Chinese tourists.”

  1. Collectively, America’s globetrotters parted with a relatively
    paltry $123.6 billion.




While the poem has been set to music many times before, King’s has
commissioned the first musical setting of the text by a mainstream
classical composer. The new piece, by renowned English composer John
Rutter, has been written and recorded in celebration of the near
100-year link between King’s College and Xu Zhimo, and has been released
on 26 January 2018 on a new album on the King’s College Record Label.

WeChat, the popular Chinese messaging app owned by technology group
Tencent, launched its payment service, WeChat Pay, in the UK on
Wednesday. It is hoping that more shops like Ms Peonia’s will use it to
target Chinese consumers, who last year spent£513m in the UK, according
to Visit Britain, thetourism body.

“Cynical young Chinese will scornfully tell you that the travelling
middle classes pay lip service to appreciating culture, but they are
mainly after the goods: specifically, European brands they can buy in
situ, and bring home to lord over their non-travelling neighbours,” says
Telegraph Travel’s Sally Peck, a former Beijing resident. “This may go
some way to explaining the extraordinary spending figures.”




“Many intellectual transformations happened for him while he was here
and in some ways the whole seed of his development as a person who
became an intellectual poet, through the medium of poetry, all sort of
connected up with his visit to Cambridge and the people we met.”

As part of a modernisation push by its owners,Camden Market will ask
more than 1,000 shops and restaurants to sign up to theapp over the next
four months, so that people with Chinese bank accounts linkedto WeChat
can shop in the market using their smartphones.

All of which reveals why Bicester Village, a vast retail estate on the
outskirts of the Oxfordshire town, is the second most visited UK
attraction for Chinese tourists – after Buckingham Palace. Three in four
Chinese visitors head to Bicester aided by Mandarin signs and
announcements at London Marylebone; others travel by tour bus.

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The idea is to replicate a system that Alipay, the rival Chinese payment
app, has already implemented in the Harrods and Selfridges department
stores.“In terms of the Chinese market it just offers a very good
opportunity to us,”said Ceri Davies, operations director atCamden
Market.“They’re currently super attracted by the likes of Selfridges and
Harrods and the more ways there are of paying, the better.”


整首曲目以男高音中文独唱(soli tenor voice
choir)为主,配以长笛独奏(soli flute)。