Markle: I have, yes.

Ms Markle said “one of the first things we started taking about when we
met was just the different things we wanted to do in the world and how
passionate we were about seeing change”.


Prince Harry: Ah yes, we first met — we were introduced actually by a
mutual friend, who we will …

She said it was “disheartening” there had been a focus on the fact her
father is white and her mother is African-American.


Markle: I think he’s doing just fine.

Prince Harry said he was “thrilled”, while Ms Markle said she was “so
very happy”.


Prince Harry: Just wagging tails and I was just like ugh


This morning pregnant Meghan,37, chose to skip a scheduled appearance
at an Invictus Games cycling race in Sydney, with Harry, 34, telling
competitors that she was ‘resting at home [as] being pregnant takes
its toll’。



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BBC: Children? Plans?

“It was just an amazing surprise. It was so sweet, and natural and very
romantic.He got on one knee,” Ms Markle said.

The couple are squeezing in more than 70 events during their whirlwind
visit but it was revealed today that Meghan will miss some to allow
herself time to rest。

Prince Harry: Trying to stay as close as possible, but on two different
time zones and five hours apart does have its challenges. But, you know,
we made it work and now we’re here, so we’re thrilled.


The royal, 34, who is expecting his first child next Spring, shared
his wish after a spectator congratulated him on the pregnancy at an
Invictus Games event in Sydney on Sunday。

Markle: Yes, his family has been so welcoming.

The prince said he had not been aware of Ms Markle before their first
meeting in London as he had never watched her TV show.


Markle: I have — on both sides of his family. On his mom’s side as well,
which has been really important to me too. The family has been great,
and over the past year and half, we’ve just had a really nice time
getting to know them and progressively helping me feel a part of not
just the institution but also part of the family, which has been really,
really special.



Prince Harry: Yes, we had to sort of reverse the whole process. Cozy
nights in in front of the television, cooking dinner with just the two
of us by ourselves in our little cottage rather than going out for
dinner and being seen in public. So we reversed the whole process. It
has provided different opportunities. And it has made us a hell of a lot
closer in a shorter space of time.



Markle: Yes.


Comments from the father-to-be this week suggest the couple do not yet
know the gender of their unborn baby。

BBC: Some of that scrutiny — and you ended up making a very public
statement about it — was centered on your ethnicity, Meghan. When you
realized that, what did you think?

Turning to Prince Harry, she said: “Now it’s time to work as a team with

In a candid moment captured on camera, a bystander was heard shouting:
‘Congratulations, I hope it’s a girl‘, to which Harry responded: ’So
do I!

Prince Harry: I don’t know if it’s something new. I think, for me, it’s
an added member of the family. It is another team player as part of the
bigger team. For all of us, all we want to do is be able to carry out
the right engagements, carry out our work and try and encourage others
and the younger generation to be able see the world in the correct sense
rather than perhaps being — having a distorted view. The fact that I
fell in love with Meghan so incredibly quickly was sort of confirmation
to me that all the stars were aligned, everything was just perfect. It
was this beautiful woman just sort of literally tripped and fell into my
life, I fell into her life. The fact that she — I know the fact that she
will be unbelievably good at the job part of it as well is obviously a
huge relief to me because she will be able to deal with everything else
that comes with it. We’re a fantastic team. We know we are. And we hope
to, over time, try and have as much impact for the things that we care
about as much as possible.

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Prince Harry has revealed he hopes to have a baby girl with his wife the
Duchess of Sussex。

Markle: I think I can very safely say, as naive as it sounds now, having
gone through this learning curve in the past year and a half, I did not
have any understanding of just what it would be like. I don’t think
either of us did. We both said that, even though we knew that it would



BBC: Tell us about your ring.

Ms Markle said she had met the Queen a couple of times and described her
as an “incredible woman”.

It was the same event that Prince Harry let slip his hope of welcoming a

Markle: It’s so interesting because we talk about it now and even then,
you know, because I’m from the States, you don’t grow up with the same
understanding of the royal family. While I now understand very clearly
there is a global interest there, I didn’t know much about him and so
the only thing that I had asked her when she said she wanted to set us
up was — I had one question. I said, ‘Well, is he nice?’ Because if he
wasn’t kind, then it didn’t seem like it would make sense. So we went
and met for a drink then, I think, very quickly into that we said, ‘What
are we doing tomorrow? We should meet again.’

写在前面:Stars aligned**

However his passing remark today hints that the prince might be hoping
to welcome a daughter。

Markle: That’s true.



Prince Harry: ‘What are we doing tomorrow? Let’s meet again.’ And then
it was like — diaries. We need to get the diaries out and find out how
we are going to make this work because I was off to Africa for a month.
She was working. We said, ‘Right, where is the gap?’ And the gap
happened to be in the perfect place.


Prince Harry: Roasting a chicken, trying to roast a chicken.


募思教育Moonshot Education

“I said ‘Can I give you the ring?’. She said: ‘Oh, yes, the ring’. It
was a really nice moment. Just the two of us.”

Markle: Just a cozy night. It was — what we were doing? Just roasting
chicken and having …

The announcement of their engagement was issued by Clarence House on
Twitter, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s official
residence, and said details about the wedding day would be unveiled “in
due course”.

Prince Harry: Of course, that sense of responsibility was essentially
from day one, or maybe a couple of months in, when I started to realize
actually this is, I feel I know that I am in love with this girl and I
hope that she is in love with me but we still have to sit down on the
sofa. You know, I still have to have some pretty frank conversations
with her to say what you are letting yourself in for it’s a big deal.
It’s not easy for anybody. But I know at the end of the day, she chooses
me and I choose her, and therefore whatever we have to tackle together
or individually, it will always be us together as a team.

She was previously married, but the Church of England agreed in 2002
that divorced people could be allowed to remarry in church.

Markle: Yes, It was definitely a set up. It was a blind date.


BBC: So does that mean a lot of the time you have been together in this
last year and a half, you’ve been at home a lot?



“I think about three, maybe four weeks later I managed to persuade her
to come and join me…



BBC: The friend who introduced you — was she trying to set you up?




Markle: That’s so nicely said, isn’t it?


Markle: No (laughs)


BBC: In the case of your relationship, unlike for most people, there is
this whole layer of what it means to get involved with someone from the
royal family. How much of a sense did you have, Meghan, of the enormity
of what you were getting into, what it might mean for your life?




Markle: We should protect her privacy and not reveal too much of that.

She is already involved with humanitarian work and is a women’s advocate
with the UN.

BBC: How much did you, Prince Harry, know about Meghan? Had you seen her
on TV?


Markle: Of course.


Markle: It was just a choice. Right? I think that very early on when we
realized we were going to commit to each other, we knew we had to invest
the time and the energy and whatever it took to make that happen. So
yes, with the filming schedule, it was not the easiest (laughs) because
it of course included a lot of travel back and forth.

She had obviously not been able to meet his mother, she said, but it was
“so important to me… to know that she’s a part of this with us”.

Markle: There is a misconception that because I have worked in the
entertainment industry that this would be something I would be familiar
with. But even though I had been on my show for I guess six years at
that point, and working before that, I have never been part of tabloid
culture. I have never been in pop culture to that degree and lived
relatively quiet life, even though I focus so much on my job. So that
was a really stark difference out of the gate. And I think we were just
hit so hard at the beginning with a lot of mistruths that I made the
choice to not read anything, positive or negative, it just didn’t make
sense. So instead we focused all of our energies on nurturing our

Ms Markle said it was a sign of “Harry’s thoughtfulness”.

Prince Harry: Or thinking they know…



Prince Harry said: “She didn’t even let me finish. She said ‘Can I say

BBC: Do you have that sense of responsibility, Prince Harry, for what
you are asking Meghan to do?


Markle: We were able to really get to know each other that way. But also
then to go and have friends over for dinner or to go to his family for
tea. Any of those sort of things. Just to take the — take the time to be
able to go on long country walks and just talk.

Camping in Botswana

Markle: I am very excited about that.


Prince Harry: Of course.


Prince Harry: I tried to warn you as much as possible, but I think both
of us were totally surprised by the reaction after the first five, six
months we had to ourselves. You can have as many conversations as you
want and try and prepare as much as possible, but we were totally
unprepared for what happened after that.

Prince Harry: Stars were aligned when I met Meghan

Markle: Right off the plane and straight to set and just coming back and
doing it again.


Prince Harry: … amazing, as has William as well, you know, fantastic
support. And then my father as well, we had a couple of — no, more than
that …

The couple described how they were set up on their blind date by a
mutual friend, and then met once more before going camping together in

Prince Harry: We’ll protect her privacy yeah. But it was literally — it
was through her and then we met once and then twice back-to-back two
dates in London last July.


Prince Harry: The ring is obviously yellow gold because that’s what —
her favorite. And the main stone itself I sourced from Botswana, and the
little diamonds either side are from my mother’s jewelry collection to
make sure that she’s with us on this crazy journey together.


Markle: They’ve been amazing.


Prince Harry: Without question. If there is anyone at home listening,
maybe slow down on the dates and maybe spend more time at home. For us,
it’s an opportunity to really get to know each other without other
people looking or trying to take photos on their phones and all that
kind of stuff. That comes with the job, comes with the role, but where

The fifth in line to the throne was speaking after the couple announced
their engagement and plans to marry in spring 2018.

Markle: Well, I have two dogs that I’ve had for quite a long time, both
my rescue pups. And one is now staying with very close friends and my
other little guy is — yes he’s in the U.K., he’s been here for a while.

Ms Markle said: “I don’t see it as giving anything up. I see it as a
change. It’s a new chapter.”

BBC: What do you think your mother would have thought of Meghan, or said
about Meghan?


Markle: It’s a new chapter, right? Also keep in mind I had been working
on my show for seven years. So we were very, very fortunate to be able
to have that sort of longevity on a series. For me, once we hit the 100
episode marker, I thought, you know what, I have ticked this box, and I
feel very proud of the work I had done there and now it’s time to work
as team with you. Yeah..




Markle: She’s with us.

Ms Markle’s engagement ring was designed by Prince Harry and features
two diamonds which belonged to his mother.



Markle: It was really one of the first things we connected on. It was
one of the first things we started talking about when we met was just
the different things we wanted to do in the world and how passionate we
were about seeing change. I think that was what got date two in the
books probably (laughs).

Asked about having children, Prince Harry said: “One step at a time and
hopefully we’ll start a family in the near future.”

Prince Harry: There is a lot to do, there’s a lot to do (laughs).


图片 3

Ms Markle, wearing a white belted coat, held Harry’s hand as they
appeared briefly for the press at the palace’s Sunken Garden, and showed
off her diamond engagement ring.