One Saturday morning in January 2011, Irenie Ekkeshis woke up to find
her right eye was streaming with tears. So she went to the chemist’s and
picked up some eye drops.


Treatments include medications that stop new blood vessels from forming
in the eye as well as laser therapies that destroy abnormal blood

It was at the age of 12, that Ekkeshis decided to swap her thick
“bottle-top” glasses for contact lenses.


We all know that the blue light that emits from our smartphones isn’t
good for our eyes, but a new study has discovered just how much damage
it can cause.

“作者未曾会戴着隐形老花镜洗澡可能游泳”, Ekkeshis

Look for styles that fit close to your face and don’t let light in at
the side and if you’re a contacts wearer opt for brands like Acuvue with
UV filters included or remember to wear sunglasses with your contact

For this study, the team decided to focus on retinal, a form of vitamin
A found in the retina that coverts light into metabolic energy.





The fix? Thoroughly dust bedroom surfaces, including the fan blades and
keep a bottle of contact lens solution handy to cleanse your lenses to
remove any impurities.

Sufferers will experience blurred vision or even ‘blind spots’ in their
central vision that may grow larger as the retina dies.


If you really must wear your lenses in the pool stick to daily
disposables along with waterproof swimming goggles, or better still
invest in a pair of prescription goggles which will help you see clearly
without water coming in direct contact with your eyes.







‘Looking at cell phones in the dark can be very harmful because the
pupils are dilated so more blue light can get in and cause damage,’ he

.”I thought I had a little infection that would clear up by Monday. But
by that evening I couldn’t bear to go in my kitchen because I found the
fluorescent lights too bright. It was painful.”

And unless your sunglasses are offering good UV coverage, the tint means
they will dilate your pupils and allow more UV light in than normal, so
it’s potentially worse than going without sunglasses if your glasses
aren’t up to scratch.


She asked the British Contact Lens Association why there was no warning
on the boxes. When told there simply wasn’t room she designed her own
“No Water” graphic.



“My advice to people is simple. Never let your lenses come into contact
with water – in the shower, swimming or when washing.


The team from the University of Toledo in Ohio says it is urging the
public to not use phones in the dark because this can dilate pupils and
lead to even more harmful blue light entering our eyes.


“United Kingdom视光师高校建议,十五岁以下的儿女每年都应检查眼睛,因为孩子的眼力在那么些阶段变化相当的慢。”


In May 2013 she had a corneal transplant, which appeared to be a

That’s because these screens emit blue light which is absorbed by vital
cells in the eye’s retina triggering toxic chemicals, which can
eventually kill the photoreceptors we need for vision. And the older you
get the more vulnerable you are.

Researchers say that this light is absorbed by vital molecules in our
retina and triggers the production of a toxic chemical that kill cells.


Mascara can harbor bacteria which can cause infections leading to
redness, light sensitivity and irritation and, in rare cases, even
blindness. Liquid liner and mascara have a shelf life of around three
months once opened.




Dr Karunarathne says some of the ways we can protect ourselves include
wearing sunglasses that can filter both UV and blue light, using blue
light filters on our phones, and not looking at cell phones or tablets
in the dark.


Rehydrate by drinking lots of water and eat plenty of foods rich in A, C
and E vitamins and omega-3 fats, like salmon. And when the wind starts
whistling, don your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the biting


“I suppose I was a self-conscious pre-teen,” she says.



“But it is hard. Sometimes people can get huffy on public transport if
you bump in to them because you can’t see your right side.”

‘AMD occurs when the small central portion of the retina, known as the
macula, deteriorates and is the major cause of blindness in the over
fifties, ‘ says O’ Brien.


At first, Ekkeshis was given antiseptic eye drops to take every hour.
She was told that as the infection had been caught early it should be
cured in a matter of weeks.

皇家88平台 1

The condition occurs when the macula, an oval area near the center of
the retina that allows for sharp vision, becomes damaged.



皇家88平台 2


The study’s lead researcher Dr Ajith Karunarathne, an assistant
professor in the UT department of chemistry and biochemistry says we
shouldn’t be checking phones and tablets in the dark, because this can
dilate the pupils making them more vulnerable to damage.

‘We’re currently screening for more molecules to see if they can quench
this damaging reaction.’

“It was amazing to be able to see through both eyes for the first time
in a long time,” she says.


He added that there was no activity when retinal was exposed to other
light colors such as green, red or yellow.


‘Children up to the age of 16 should be tested annually too, according
to the College of Optometrists, as children’s vision can change very
rapidly at this stage of their lives.’


文章作者: Claire Bates


Dr Karunarathne noted that blue light alone or retinal that hadn’t
absorbed blue light did not have any effect on the cells.

By the time she was 30 she wore daily disposable lenses, the kind you
throw away each evening, and she had never had any trouble with them.



年年,United Kingdom有大概1贰十四个人会患这种病症, 绝大好些个病例都与遮盖眼镜的施用有关。

‘Most optometrists recommended taking an eye test every two years,
unless you have eye issues or are over 70, in which case, a test every
12 months is best to catch any health problems early,’ says O’Brien.


“You do things to help cope day to day. So if I’m going to a meal with
friends I try to sit closer to the wall on my right side so I can see
everyone,” she says.

The research by the scientist Dr Alison Ng found that contact lens
wearers were more vulnerable to infection from eye make-up. Dr Ng
recommends preventing bacterial transfer by sharpening eye pencils
thoroughly before each use.




‘The human eye reflects UV light (such as from the sun) very well but it
allows blue light to enter and the retinal can absorb blue light very
well,’ lead author Dr Ajith Karunarathne, an assistant professor in the
UT department of chemistry and biochemistry, told Daily Mail Online.


You know how your mascara gets all clumpy after three or four months,
but you don’t want to buy a new one because that stuff is pricey?

He explained that as we get older, the ability to prevent attacks from
retinal that has absorbed blue light became weaker, which leads to
macular degeneration.

She could not work and eventually quit her job as a travel company

What’s more, eye make-up applied inside the eyeline, such as eyeliner,
can increase the risk of eye infection, according to research from the
University of Waterloo published in the peer-reviewed journal.


She discovered that while a safety leaflet was produced it wasn’t
usually included inside the lens boxes, so the information rarely
reached lens wearers.


Photoreceptor cells, known more commonly as rods and cones, use retinal
to covert light into signals that are sent to the brain.


Staring at your smartphone or computer screen or TV for hours on end is
not good for your eye health, says research by the University of Toledo,
published in?Scientific Reports.

‘When you damage the photoreceptor cells, they’re damaged for good, so
the vitamin E derivative currently just mitigates damage,’ said Dr



Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision
loss for those aged 50 or older, according to the National Eye


‘The microorganism acanthamoeba lives in water and can cause serious
damage if it gets into your eye’.


而是,十天后,Ekkeshis 发掘他的右眼视力再度模糊。

If, for example, your eyes are dry due to cold winter weather and
central heating, invest in a humidifier and try not to sit too close to
a radiator.


“I had a scan which confirmed the AK had moved in to the new transplant.
I was back to square one. It was devastating.”