If you have a small child in your life, “Letters from Heaven” is a
wonderful new?tradition?you can start for your family that will last for
many generations。

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This article is to celebrate the 4th year birthday of ACTMC ( AmCham
China Toastmaster club – open house speech. AC 1 2017.Nov.8th)


Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

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PART 1 Expressions

  1. We were supposed to be basking in the fruits of our labor.

bask:1. 晒太阳;

Lizards were basking in the morning sun.

  1. to enjoy the approval or attention that you are getting from other

She basked in the admiration of the media.

bask/ bath in sb’s / sth’s glory: to share some of the importance
and praise that belongs to someone close to you 沾某人/某事物的光

  1. To me, it sounded like the poster child of bad Internet ideas.

poster child:

  1. sb or sth that represents a particular quality, idea etc, often used

Dillon is the poster child for wasted talent.

  1. Fred was a spiting image of Nicolas Cage.

be the spitting image of sb: to look exactly like sb else 分身

He’s the spitting image of his father.

  1. I’d realized that whether in poker, in business, or in life, it was
    easy to get caught up and engrossed in what I was currently doing,
    and that made it easy to forget that I always had the option to change

engross: if sth engrosses you, it interests you so that you do not
notice anything else 使全神贯注

The scene was stunning, and for a time engrossed all our attention.

(a.) engrossed, engrossing

Dad was engrossed in the paper.

  1. It felt more like I was gambling, but with the odds stacked
    against me
    because I was investing money in things I didn’t

stack: 有秘密事先操作、洗牌时作弊的意思

stack the cards/ deck: to arrange cards dishonestly in a game

the odds/ cards are stacked against sb: used to say that sb is
unlikely to be successful

  1. Sequoria wasn’t confident that this would ever end up being more
    than a niche business.

niche: (a.) relating to selling goods to a particular small group of
people who have similar needs, interests etc

a niche market/ business

a niche product

  1. They suggested that we touch base again in a few months.

touch base (with sb): to talk to sb to find out what is happening
about sth 把某一件事的情况告诉有关的人

Before you sign it, you’d better touch base with your lawyer.

  1. This was a tough call.

call: informal, a decision

Don’t just say what you think I would like. It’s your call.

make a call: make a decision

an easy/ hard/ tough call

judgment call: a decision based on your personal judgment of a

  1. For the most part, my birthday party went off without a hitch.

hitch: (n.) 1. 系住;勾住;2. 小故障 a small problem that makes sth
difficult or delays it for a short time

In spite of some technical hitches, the first program was a success.

The whole show went without a hitch.

get hitched: informal, to get married

They got hitched without telling their parents.


Susie shared the idea on her Facebook page, including two videos of her
18-year-old daughter, Abby, opening the time capsule for the first

PART 2 Sentences

  1. Just because you win a hand doesn’t mean you’re good and you don’t
    have more learning to do. You might have just gotten lucky.

Look for opportunities beyond just the game you sat down to play. You
never know who you’re going to meet, including new friends for life or
new business contacts.

The ame is a lot more enjoyable when you’re trying to do more than just
make money.

  1. I’d realized that whether in poker, in business, or in life, it was
    easy to get caught up and engrossed in what I was currently doing, and
    that made it easy to forget that I always had the option to change
    tables. Psychologically, it’s hard because of all the inertia to
    overcome. Without conscious and deliberate effort, inertia always wins.

  2. It’s a bad idea to invest in industries you don’t understand, in
    companies you don’t have any control or influence over, or in people you
    don’t know or trust.

  3. Every interaction with anyone anywhere was an opportunity to gain
    additional perspective. We are all human at the core, and it can be easy
    to lose sight of that in a world ruled by business, politics, and social

  4. I really prefer to focus on just building relationships and getting
    to know people as just people, regardless of their position in the
    business world or even if they’re not from the business world. I believe
    that there’s something interesting about anyone and everyone — you just
    have to figure out what that something is.

Good evening! Toastmaster Club (TM) is a place where leaders are made.
After 1 year joining TM, I’m really honored to share my understanding
with you about leadership in this open house event.


Last Sunday. I want to buy a parrot , because they have the talent of
speaking human’s language.

“This week Abby turned 18。 For her 1st birthday we asked all our loved
ones to write her a letter to be put in a time?capsule?that would be
opened 17 years later。 It is the most precious gift we could have ever
given to her。 Among the 25 letters are 7 letters from people who have
passed on。 These include letters from her Grandfather Doug, her uncle
John Aldershof, great grandparents and more。”

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“We cried and laughed all night。 Such a blessing to have birthday
wishes from everyone。 The time capsule was full of great things for
her。 If you have a small child in your life, please share this idea。
It was?incredible。”

I asked the boss how much are those two.


He owner said “ 1000 each. “.


Then he explained “ this red one can sing songs.  And the blue one can
read poem.” “ AND That one is RMB 5000. “

Wow,  so expensive. He must  know something really specially. So I asked
what he can do ?

The owner said : in fact , he can do nothing. But the other parrot all
call him “ BOSS”.

Question:  Is this parrot a leader since all of the other parrots call
him “ Boss” ?

Is leadership comes from  “ authorization “ “ title “ or “position”.

Or is leadership related with ………..

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If you have to choose one word from all above here to represent
leadership, which one will you choose ?

Let me check with our area director, she has the higest authority in
tonight’s officers.

interview: Lillian, May I know which one will you choose  ?

LIllian: Influence.

Thank you! How about the rest of my friends. Will you vote for 
“Influence” ? pls kindly raise your hand.

Thank you!

Here is the founder of TM,, Mr. Ralph Semdley’s definition  on

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Yes, Maybe “Influence” is the best word to  demonstrate “Leadership”.

In each of your mind, who is the greatest leader that influenced you a
lot ? Pls share with me later during the break.

Leadership is everywhere.

From your relationship to your child.

From your friends to your colleague.

Leader can be anybody.

He could be your neighbor Mr. Wang , or the girl sitting next to you.

Think about those people you like to spent time with, you like to learn
with, you like to work with. They are all people who are influence you.

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The fantastic thing about Leadership is : leadership can be learned.

Here is a book I will love to recommend to you all.

Leadership related with 2 things: character and competences.

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Am I a leader?

Here is a mirror. Pls imagine you are looking into it.  Ask yourself, do
you see yourself as  a leader ?

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