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There is no doubt that James Cameron is a genius and a legend as a
director.Since The Terminator, True Lies to the blockbuster — Titanic.
The monuments created by him one by one, it’s fantastic.


If you thought the long-delayed project to launch a full-size replica of
the ill-fated RMS Titanic was sunk in the water — think again.

Titanic is one of my favorite films, I don’t even know how to describe
the feeling about it. The love between Rose and Jack moved me very
deeply, and told me what is true love , unsinkable love.

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I read a beautiful article, which told the story about Titanic.
Now I share it with you:
             “Titanic”—an Unsinkable Love
Titanic directed by James Cameron presents a fictional love story on the
historical setting of the Titanic. The plot is simple, not complicated,
or not for those who love plots that twist and turn and keep you in
suspense. The end of the movie can be figured out within minutes of the
start of the film, but the love story is interesting one, however. Kate
Winslett is wonderful as Rose, an aristocratic young lady betrothed by
Cal (Billy Zane) .Early on the voyage Rose meets Jack (Leonardo
DiCaprio), a lower class artist on his way to America after winning his
ticket aboard Titanic in a poker game. If he wants something, he goes
and gets it unlike the upper class people who are so concerned with
their social worries. The two fall in love and the audience sees the
sinking of the Titanic primarily through their eyes.
Deep-sea explorer Brock Lovett has reached the most famous shipwreck of
all – Titanic. Emerging with a safe believed to contain a diamond called
“The Heart of the Ocean”, he discovers the safe does not hold the
diamond but a drawing of a beautiful woman wearing it. When Brock is
later interviewed on TV, he shows the drawing to the cameras, and a
100-year-old woman named Rose Calvert living in Michigan recognizes the
woman in the drawing – herself! On a visit to Brock’s explorer ship over
the wreck, Rose tells her story of the Titanic and its ill-fated voyage.
Engaged to a would-be steel magnate, Caledon Hockley, she boards the
Titanic’s first-class suites with him and her mother in Southampton.
Also boarding are Jack Dawson and his friend Fabrizio, after a lucky
poker game wins them tickets in steerage. When Rose attempts suicide by
jumping off the stern in third-class, Jack pulls her back onto the ship.
A bond is forged between them as Jack is invited by her into first-class
the following day. Rose’s mother and Cal Hockley try desperate measures
to keep them apart. But that strategy goes out the window when the
Titanic collides with an iceberg, and due to a design flaw begins to
sink – despite being proclaimed “unsinkable”. Now Rose and Jack have to
spend their last period in fighting to stay alive…

  Direction: There are 2 passages in this section。 Each passage is
followed by some questions or unfinished statement。 For each of them
there are four choice and our marked A),B),C) and D)。You should
decide on the best choice and nark the corresponding letter on Answer
sheet2 with a single line through the centre。

Just like Celine Dion sang back in 1997, the travel project will “go on
and on.”

Rose chose love rather than upper class or an aristrocratic life when
the Titanic sank, which got tens of thousands people’s tears.

皇家88平台,  Passage One


Titanic is unsurpassable no matter what ,who and when.The ship sank but
the love is unsinkable, it’s going on just like Celine Dion’s song — My
Heart will Go on.

  Questions 46 to 50 are based on the following passage。

Australian businessman and politician Clive Palmer, who is behind the
initiative, announced in September that work on the ship had
recommenced. The idea was first floated in 2012.

Love is going on!!!

  46。 Living in an urban area with
green spaces has a long-lasting positive impact on people’s mental
well-being, a study has suggested, UK researchers found moving to a
green space had a sustained positive effect, unlike pay rises or
promotions, which only provided a short –term boost。 Co-author Mathew
White, from the University of Exeter, UK, explained that the study
showed people living in greener urban areas were displaying fewer signs
of depression or anxiety。 “There could be a number of reasons。” he
said, “for example, 47。 people do many
things to make themselves happier; they strive for promotion or pay
rises, or they get married。 But the trouble with those things
is that within six months to a year, people are back to their original
baseline levels of well-being。 So, these things are not sustainable;
they don’t make us happy in the long term。 We found that for some
lottery  winners who had won more than £500,000 the positive effect was
definitely there, but after six months to a year, they were back to
the baseline。”


  48。 Dr。 White said his team wanted
to see whether living in greener urban areas has a lasting positive
effect on people’s sense of well-being or whether the effect also
disappeared after a period of time。 To do this, the team used
data from the British Household Panel Survey compiled by University of

Allegedly the new ship will be an identical copy of the infamous liner,
which sank in 1912 following a collision with an iceberg.

  Explaining what the data revealed, he said: “what you see is that
even after three years, mental health is still better, which is unlike
many other things that we think will make us happy。” 49。 He observed that people living in green
spaces were less stressed, and less sensible decisions and communicated


  With a growing body of evidence establishing a link between urban
green spaces and a positive impact on human well-being。 Dr。 White
said, “There’s growing interest among public policy officials, but the
trouble is who funds it。 50。 what we
really need at a policy level is to decide where the money will come
from to help support good quality local green spaces。”

To avoid a repeat disaster, Titanic II will apparently be outfitted with
plenty of life boats — and will have a welded, not riveted hull — plus
modern navigation and radar equipment.

  46。 According to one study, what do green spaces do to people?


  A) Improve their work efficiency。

“The ship will follow the original journey, carrying passengers from
Southampton to New York, but she will also circumnavigate the globe,
inspiring and enchanting people while attracting unrivaled attention,
intrigue and mystery in every port she visits,” said Palmer in a

  B) Add to their sustained happiness。


  C) Help them build a positive attitude towards life。

The maiden voyage, however, will take passengers from Dubai to New York,
reports CruiseArabia, with the first sailing scheduled to take place in

  D) Lesson their concerns about material well-being。


  47。 What does Dr。 White say people usually do to make themselves

Blue Star Line says the nine-decked ship will be home to 835 cabins, set
to accommodate 2,435 passengers. You’ll be able to buy first-, second-
and third-class tickets — just like in the original.

  A) Earn more money。 C) Gain fame and popularity。


  B) Settle in an urban area。 D) Live in a green environment。

It’ll be outfitted exactly like the original Titanic — including the
grand staircase that plays a memorable role in James Cameron’s hit

  48。 What does Dr。 White try to find out about living in a greener
urban area?


  A) How it affects different people。 C) How long its positive
effect lasts。

There is another Titanic replica on the go — in 2016, news circulated
that China is building one, 745 miles inland, at an estimated cost of 1
billion yuan. The idea is it’ll be permanently docked in a reservoir.

  B) How strong its positive effect is。 D) How it benefits people


  49。 What did Dr。 White research reveal about people living in a
green environment?

Meanwhile tourists with plenty of money to splash might soon have the
chance to dive to the wreck of the original Titanic. American company
OceanGate has scheduled diving trips for 2019, costing $105,129 per

  A) Their stress was more apparent than real。


  B) Their decisions required less deliberation。