He said of normal humans: “Presumably they will die out, or become

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IT seems like that angel’s needle, if which has to be endowed with a
name and that must be technology, aiming at a egg, transfers God’s power
on human reproduction to our hands decorated with a pair of white
surgical gloves and we don’t know exactly how long this debated process
will take but obviously the journey to the destination is not so long.
And in a related researching field here comes a report showing that
scientists have gained the ability to edit genes even before a embryo
starts to develop, which triggered a indignation of  society, just as
the reveal of Dolly 20 years ago, while some people see it as the
saviour of genetic diseases, is dividing the world into two distinctive

Stephen Hawking: What the professor said about his own death


Comments on cover report ofThe EconomistGene editing, clones and the
science of making babies

Professor Hawking said that living with the disease and the
prognosis[1] that came with it had given him aphilosophical[2]
approach to his own death. But there was always plenty more he wanted to
get out of the way before it happened.

In it, he examines whether aliens exist, how to colonize space and
whether humans will ever go beyond our Solar System.

We are living in a much fiercely changeable environment and the
countries as well as individuals need to be adaptable to let the world


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Out of our imagination, technology is pushing forward looking like
without any hurdle on the heading way and anyone with physical flaw or
with whoever related to them, are looking forward to the gene-editing
age’s arrival. No doubt, the emerging tech will alleviate our pain and
make our lives relatively easy. However the breakneck speed of
technological development is too radical for common people and whole
society, whereas, luckily, the inhabitants in 21st century are not so
conservative and stupid as their counterpart did decades ago and the
tolerance of science has increase dramatically. When you are moving into
the key problem, as a collateral but profound side effect of high speed
development and the ethic problem is facing you, like a unavoidable
monster on the trait of human race just like the monster-called steaming
train . We can’t frightened directly by the social problems it will
cause and as we all know human is hyper-brainy and we can just
strengthen the regulation of related technology and others measures
should be taken at the same time too. Nothing, considering the known
reality, will be more dread than planet-killing weapons, namely the
nuclear warhead, but crying about the appearance will make no
difference, still,and the world nowadays is running the same as it did
millions of years ago.


“Laws will probably be passed against genetic engineering with humans.
But some people won’t be able to resist the temptation to improve human
characteristics, such as memory, resistance to disease and length of


The physicist, who died in March aged 76, thought the development could
destroy the rest of humanity.

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*在1988年出版的畅销书《时间简史》(A Brief History of


1)If you are philosophical in your reaction to something that is not
satisfactory, you accept it calmly and without anger, understanding that
failure and disappointment are a part of life.




But he said that there was no need for there to be life after death to
make people behave well while they were alive. “We should seek the
greatest value of our action,
” he said, when asked how we should live.

The professor even warned it could lead to the extinction of humanity as
we know it.

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