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If late nights and a bit of instability don’t intimidate you, it may be
time to start freelancing.

职场双语:避免四种网上求职的错误 Don’t just hit up the big guys.
不要仅仅只瞄准大型的招聘网站。 Big-name websites like Monster and
CareerBuilder are wonderful resources for online job hunting, but don’t
stop there. They charge fees that some smaller companies can’t afford or
don’t believe in paying. Make sure to check out smaller job boards or
job board aggregates such as indeed.com to find more online gigs.
Don’t use your company’s email to job-hunt. 不要用在职公司邮箱投递简历。
Even if your company says it’s OK to use their email server to send out
resumes, don’t do it. You can get in trouble with your existing company,
plus it won’t look like a move in good taste to the prospective employer
if you use your work email. Another setback: If you’re contacted in the
future and are no longer at your current job, you’ll miss the message.
Set up one email account with a professional handle (your name, for
example) and stick to that.
Don’t blast off your resume. 不要到处乱投简历。 Blast out your resume,
but with some personal attention. Don’t just fire it off into the
Internet abyss. More importantly, a customized cover letter can go a
long way to win over an employer, so be sure to take the time to
customize one as best you can.
Consider your privacy. 保留一点个人隐私。 While you may not want to post
your contact information, that’s OK for many people who see it as a move
from someone who is Internet-savvy. Be sure to check out the privacy
settings when posting your resume and do what feels right for you–and
for your future career.

1. PET-SIT 照顾宠物


If babysitting isn’t your cup of tea but fur babies are, you can turn
your love of animals into a lucrative side job. There are plenty of
online platforms that will set you up with pet-sitting gigs.

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I’ve been writing more and more lately about how people all over the
world arefreelancing to make a living. In recent years it’s become more
economical for companiesto findas well asmanage their
freelancers.Roughlya third of the U.S. workforceengaged in some amount
of freelance work last year.



It may not be the most thrilling job in the world, but it’s a surefire
way to make some money at home on Sunday mornings. These jobs typically
involve manually transferring data from a print source or computer file
to a spreadsheet. Freelance data entry gigs are often posted in online
want ads, so peruse your local listings to find an opportunity.

However, most of these people just freelanced on the side, driving for
Uber or doing some design to supplement a regular income.




Freelancing full time is a much more daunting prospect and requires
significant thought before going ahead. Here are some ways to know if
you’re ready.

If you’re strategic about it, you can get paid simply for sharing your
thoughts with companies and answering a few biographical questions. If
you do your research, you’ll find that plenty of reliable outlets will
let you earn hard cash for filling out questionnaires. Focus groups are
another route worth investigating. These, too, pay you for providing
feedback on products, and some companies arrange online focus groups, so
you’ll never have to leave your couch.



1. You’re Self-Motivated(自我激励)

4. TUTOR 家教

This is the hardest part of freelancing for many people. In a
traditional job you are accountable to a boss. As a freelancer, you
spend a lot of time accountable to yourself. You must have the drive and
discipline to find new clients, stay on track with deadlines and collect
on payments.

You may not have finished your degree yet, but you have valuable skills
and knowledge that you can share with other students. Tutoring
opportunities for local elementary and high school students will likely
be easy to find on local job listings and classified ads. If you’d
rather work from the comfort of your dorm room, there are online
tutoring services that will match you up with students.



A lot of the successful freelancers I’ve seen were once bosses
themselves, so they have the experience and knowledge to just apply it
to their own work. In the competitive San Francisco Bay Area where I
live, high levels of success often depend on just how much of a
self-motivator you are.



Freelancing isn’t just for writers and photographers anymore. Type
“freelance websites” into any search engine and you’ll be flooded with
results. If you have a skill or hobby, there’s a good chance someone
wants to pay you for it, whether it’s setting up someone’s online dating
profile, helping another student translate their German homework, or
making customized birthday greeting videos.

2. You Value Dollars Over Benefits(你更注重近金钱而不是福利)